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Rewards Program

Earn points and use them to shop in-store or online

We make shopping fun

how it all started

We make shopping fun and exciting by giving back to our customers. Our Reward Program awards points for different types of engagements. Points can then be converted into credits to be used online or in-store.

earning points

Customers can earn points by engaging with our website in the following ways:

  • Placing an in-store order - 1 Point for every $1
  • Placing an online order - 1 Point for every $1
  • Signup on website - 50 Points
  • Sharing content on our Facebook - 50 Points
  • Following our Instagram page - 50 Points
  • Sharing our URL with a friend - $5 Credit
  • Submitting Date of Birth - Various discount amounts

spending points

Points can be accumulated and redeemed to be used in-store and online. Each reward will be in the form of a discount code that can be used upon checkout:

  • 100 Points - $5 Credit
  • 200 Points - $10 Credit
  • 300 Points - $15 Credit
  • 400 Points - $20 Credit
  • 1000 Points - $50 Credit
  • 2000 Points - $100 Credit
  • 4000 Points - $200 Credit

Redeeming Points: When you redeem a reward, a discount code will be generated to be used in our online shop or in-store. You can contact us if you have any questions about the reward program.

Frequently asked Questions

How do you redeem earned points?
Can I apply more than one discount code on an order?
How can check my point balance?
Do I get any notifications about earning points?

your rewards dashboard


Customer can find out about their point balance and available rewards by  accessing the Rewards panel located on the bottom left corner of their Desktop, Tablet and Mobile screen.

1. Click on the Reward icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.

2. Sign in to your Mulu Account or register with your email address.

3. Redeem available reward, find ways to earn points and see the list of all rewards.

4. Ways to earn: Find out how you can earn points and use it towards store credit.

5. All rewards: See the list of all rewards and Redeem the ones that are available to you.

6. Share our website URL with a friend and receive a $6 discount code.