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30 years

For over 30 years our desire for exceptional quality has taken our family all over the world to experience the most precious gemstones around. Rich in history, symbolism and colour, we knew we wanted to deliver handcrafted jewelry with birthstone accents to be treasured amongst lovers and friends for years and years to come. What says "I just know you" better than a birthstone ring in the stone cut and ring style handpicked or even custom designed by you? As a family-owned company, we're incredibly passionate about elevating moments and milestones through personalized jewelry. Tell your story with #BirthstonesByMulu.


OUR philosophy

Mulu Jewelry has been founded on the principles of embracing one's identity, creating meaning and living in colour! With new styles added weekly, you'll find the perfect ring, necklace or bracelet whether you're an everyday accessorizer or a thoughtful gift giver.

Live a Colourful Life. Showcase your personality in a meaningful, elegant way.

Handcrafted with love, from our family to yours!

    a proudly canadian company.

    our first location

    Upon participating in over 150 international trade shows in more than 60 countries all around the world, we opened our first Mulu Jewelry location in Canada. We have now proudly expanded to 4 locations across the GTA and surrounding areas.