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repair & coverage

We'll bring life back to your Jewelry

we repair all JEWELRIES

Packaging at its finest

Like any other object, Jewelry can break or abrade over time due to everyday use. At Mulu we provide repair service on all Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets and Earrings. We start the process by appraising the damage and providing customers with a quote and an estimated time. Once the repair has been completed, we will get in touch by email for pickup/delivery instructions.

appraise damage

Using state-of-the-art tools, we examine the jewelry thoroughly. We will then provide customers with a detailed report on the extent of the damage and provide a final quote.


Once we obtain customer approval, we ship the item to our repair shop and begin the process. All repairs are handled by by an experienced team of technicians.

pickup & delivery

Customers can pickup their repaired item from our shop at Erin Mills Mall in Mississauga. For convenience, we provide delivery service at an extra charge.

revitalize your birthstones

revitalizing your jewelry

Your jewelries are exposed to many everyday elements that build up, such as dirt and oil. Over time, the effect of these elements start to dissipate the shine from your jewelry. As an effort to encourage our customers in maintaining their pieces, we provide a one-time complimentary polishing service starting from the day of your purchase for up to 6 months. Visit our shop at Erin Mills Mall in Mississauga or contact us for more information.