Should I Fix My Broken Jewelry?

Should I Fix My Broken Jewelry?

Broken jewelry—one way or another, everyone has gone through it. When it is a fine piece of jewelry, even a little blemish can be absolutely devastating. Most precious pieces—whether diamonds, expensive gemstones, or gold chains—hold a special meaning and a history to its wearer. Throwing a broken or damaged fine jewelry is something you would not want to do. The question is, should you attempt to fix it? Will the value depreciate? Will it lead to further damage?

Repairing broken or damaged fine jewelry can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are some things you can do with your broken or damaged jewelry without having to sell or throw it away.

Fixing chipped Diamonds

Unfortunately, there is no way you can repair a chipped Diamond once it has been damaged hence it cannot be restored to its original value and integrity. Since the internal structure of the stone has been weakened, there is a chance that it will break further if it gets hit again.

You can check to see if your Diamonds are insured—most are covered for certain damages. You can also exchange your Diamond at any reliable jewelry shop, but with a certain price at stake. A chip or a crack is a flaw and will devaluate your Diamond's value.

An exchange is also possible with the chipped Diamond. However, because of its condition, you may be given a stone that is less valuable than what you originally paid for your diamond. If you are willing to spend an additional amount of money, you can trade your old one to a new one at an additional cost. 

Restyling broken pieces and reconnecting broken chains

If you suddenly break your fine gold necklace or bracelet, you can bring it to a jewelsmith to repair the broken section or remove the unrepairable portion, making it shorter than its usual length. For a broken necklace, you can convert it into a bracelet giving it a refreshed look and a new life on your wrist.


If only one half of an earring is broken, consider turning the single piece into a pendant. You will not only create a new purpose for that piece, but you are also adding a story and value to it. Rings that never fit anymore or have never been used can be converted into funky and elegant charms for a necklace or bracelet.

Broken jewelry with precious gemstones can be restyled according to your desires. You can have your diamond recut, though it will also lower the value of your stone. There are endless options available to you with broken pieces of jewelry.

Take note that it takes a true craftsman to fix broken fine jewelry or Diamond pieces. Even if that broken jewelry looks like it is something you can easily repair, do not attempt a DIY project. You risk losing the value and integrity of your jewelry by bending the prong settings, exposing the metal to harsh chemicals, or chipping the stone. If you have a treasured piece that has been damaged or broken in some way, avoid continuing to wear it as you will greatly increase the likelihood of further or potentially irreparable damage.

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