Learn about the Peridot Gemstone

Learn about the Peridot Gemstone

Peridot is widely known by its dazzling lime green glow, the origin of this gemstone’s name is unclear to this point. Most literature scholars agree that Peridot stems from the Arabic word Faridat, which implies Gem. However, some believe it is based on the Greek word Peridona, which means to "give plenty". Due to this theory, Peridot has been associated with good fortune and prosperity for the person who carries the stone with them.

This gemstone is formed from a common mineral by the name of Olivine. It is formed in the depth of Earth's mantle and is brought up to the surface through volcanic eruptions. It should be mentioned that in the state of Hawaii, this stone symbolizes the tear of Pele who is the goddess of Fire and controls the flow of lava. The brilliant lime glow of Peridot also comes from Olivine which is considered to be one of the few gemstones that come in only one colour, even though it can entail different shades.
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