6 Ways to Protect Your Birthstone Jewelry

6 Ways to Protect Your Birthstone Jewelry

Keep your jewelry dry

That's right, to prevent tarnish build-up, it is important to keep your jewelry items away from moisture. That means wiping off the water as soon as possible by using a paper towel or cloth.

Avoid contact with cleaning chemicals

Wear gloves when using cleaning detergents as they can damage your jewelry over time. It is always best practice to remove any article of jewelry before coming in contact with cleaning chemicals.

Avoid wearing it in Pools and Spas

Due to its corrosive property, Chlorine found in pools and spas react with the metals found in jewelry causing them to deteriorate over time.

Prevent contact with Lotions and Perfumes

By using a 100% Natural Lotion, you will be able to prevent your jewelry from getting damaged over time. Many chemicals that we use daily can react destructively towards fashion jewelry.

Store it in an airtight container

If not wearing your jewelry, try placing it in an airtight container that prevents humidity from coming in. Moisture reacts with the metal in pieces of jewelry and damages them over time.

Remove them during physical activities

It's always a confidence booster when performing activities in style. Avoid wearing any articles of jewelry, especially earrings and necklaces that can cause bodily harm.