A Brief Guide to Wearing Birthstone Jewelry

A Brief Guide to Wearing Birthstone Jewelry

These days, people wear birthstones for their beauty and brilliance. Because these stones carry meanings that symbolize different personalities, they also make lovely, personalized gifts for people who are celebrating milestones. However, did you know that there was a time in history when it was believed that wearing a gemstone apart from your own brings about bad luck? 

Birthstone jewelry has a long and colourful history. There are many superstitions, myths, and legends that have been associated with it throughout the years. It’s interesting to know that people have always been fascinated with gems and what they stand for.

History of Birthstone Jewelry

The idea of having a specific gem for each month of the year goes back as far as biblical times. A passage in the book of Exodus narrates how Moses instructed high priests to wear a breastplate adorned with 12 precious stones to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. Later on, people associated these gemstones to the 12 signs of the zodiac. 

Other cultures across the world have their interesting myths and legends as well. In 15th-century Poland, the traditional belief was that powers of a gemstone were heightened during its month. To maximize the stones’ energies, a person should own an entire set of 12, so that they are protected all year long.

In the early 20th century, jewellers agreed to standardize birthstones to represent each month of the calendar. While the type of stones and their meanings have changed throughout history, their significance remains the same.

Birthstones and their Meanings

Today, people wear birthstone jewelry as fashion accessories. Like the zodiac signs, it’s fun to know what your birthstone is and what it says about your personality. Here’s a quick rundown of birthstones and their corresponding months, and attributes:


Garnet - Faith, love, and courage


Amethyst - Strong and loyal relationships


Aquamarine - Creativity, and hope


Zircon - Balance and healing


Emerald - Wisdom, growth, and patience


Pearl - Purity, and innocence


Ruby - Courage, and strength


Peridot - Strength


Sapphire: Purity and wisdom


Opal - Faithfulness and confidence


Topaz - Love and affection


Turquoise - Good fortune and success

Wearing Birthstone Jewelry

Many jewelry stores have a section of display cases dedicated to birthstones. Fortunately for us, we no longer abide by traditional and superstitious beliefs as to how we should wear these gorgeous gems. We can flaunt them whether or not we believe in what they stand for!

Birthstones are undoubtedly beautiful and fashionable. Many people like to incorporate their gemstones into custom jewelry as a fun way of celebrating their unique personalities. You can wear them as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings—there are endless jewelry options available on the market today. 

Birthstone jewelry can also be inherited as an heirloom. If you’ve received a gorgeous sapphire ring from your grandmother, you can still treasure the piece for its value and sentimentality. For a more personal touch, you can opt to have it customized and added with your birthstone.

If you’re looking for birthstone jewelry for a loved one or yourself, browse our collection of jewelry to find the perfect gift!

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