What is the Meaning of my Birthstone?

What is the Meaning of my Birthstone?

Birthstones carry meanings that many of us like to embrace by wearing jewelry pieces that correspond to our birth month. Because they're personalized and sentimental pieces, birthstone jewelry can be a fantastic gift to anyone who's celebrating a milestone. 

Whether your friend's birthday is coming up or you want to remember the birth of your child, there's a gem to make every occasion more memorable. To make choosing the right stone easy, we've created a useful reference guide on the list of birthstones and their meanings. Read on below!


January: Garnet

january garnet jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

What an intense colour to start the year! Garnet stones are available in many shades, but the most popular is on the fiery end of the spectrum. The stone symbolizes a solid devotion to friends, family, and oneself. People who wear garnet stones are thought to be fiercely loyal—people who would not hesitate to protect their loved ones. 


February: Amethyst

february amethyst jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Brazil

Its stunning purple colour makes the amethyst one of the most sought-after gems. In the past, people viewed amethysts to be as valuable as diamonds. In fact, they've been found in several antiquated royal scepters and crowns. Now, people value this semi-precious stone for its powerful therapeutic and meditative characteristics. 

Amethysts are linked to the crown chakra or the mind. They're known to inspire creativity, awaken the imagination, and clear one's thoughts for wisdom and calmness. The purple stone is also the stone of St. Valentine and symbolizes faithful love. Wear it near the heart as a beautiful pendant. 


March: Aquamarine

march aquamarine jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Madagascar

The word aquamarine comes from a Latin phrase, which means "water of the sea." This refers to its distinct blue-green shade. March babies often love to travel the world and would be more than happy to bring their birthstone with them, as aquamarine is thought to protect seafarers and voyagers. Aquamarine is also a symbol of committed love, promoting faithfulness and friendship. 


April: Zircon

pink zircon birthstone jewelry

Country of origin: Switzerland

Zircon is the perfect gem for April babies. With high refraction and an unmatched brilliance, these jewels are perfect for practically any type of jewelry. Although they occur in a range of colours, blue zircon is probably the most popular. Blue zircon is said to energize and cleanse negative energy. Whether you wear it on earrings or a necklace, the gem will help your confidence shine brighter than the jewel itself!


May: Emerald

may emerald jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Zambia

Emeralds are known for their vibrant green colour that represents prestige and royalty. For centuries, this gem has been used to make exquisite pieces of jewelry. This birthstone is also associated with spring and nature and symbolizes hope, renewal, and growth. 


June: Pearl

june pearl jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Philippine

Pearls have always been associated with sophistication and elegance. They're among the favourite jewels of some of the most stylish personalities, such as Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy. This delicate birthstone symbolizes purity, modesty, and innocence. 


July: Ruby

july ruby jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Burma

Known for their striking red colour, rubies are among the most expensive gemstones. As birthstones, rubies symbolize love, passion, and romance. Crystal experts believe that rubies can open the heart and inspire emotion. For this reason, a ruby necklace or ring makes an excellent gift for a loved one.


August: Peridot

august peridot jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Egypt

Not a lot of people are familiar with peridot, but its the mystery that makes the gem even more special. Its light green colour is very distinct and stands out when worn as a piece of jewelry. The August birthstone symbolizes strength and courage. It's thought to give someone the power to overcome depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions. 


September: Sapphire

september sapphire jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Sapphire is another incredibly valuable gemstone. For centuries, they have been linked to royalty because of their elegant shade of blue. The September birthstone denotes faithfulness. As such, they're also a fantastic choice for promise rings. The most iconic sapphire is Princess Diana's engagement ring, now worn by her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton. 


October: Opal

october opal jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Ethiopia

The opal is an intriguing, unique gemstone because of its luminescent quality. As a birthstone for October babies, opals inspire compassion. Their wearers evoke kindness and optimism.


November: Topaz and Citrine

november yellow topaz jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Russia

Both of these gems come in bright yellow tones that inspire happiness and warmth. Those born in November can wear these gems to attract positive vibes all year round. 


December: Turquoise

blue zircon jewelry Mississauga

Country of origin: Cambodia

To close the birthstone calendar, we have turquoise's distinctly bright colour. For many people, this unique gem brings love and fortune—the perfect way to cap off the year and welcome a new one!


There's something exceptional about wearing a piece of jewelry that's uniquely yours. Browse our birthstone collection and shop for your perfect accessory today! We have a wide range of birthstone jewelry to choose from.

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