Learn more about Birthstones

Learn more about Birthstones

What are Birthstones?

Birthstones have a long and somewhat complicated history. Cultures around the world have different associations for gemstones for each month, there are numerous interpretations of the “powers” of the stones, and birthstones have changed over time due to accessibility and popularity. This means that some months have a number of gems related to it and sometimes they are given different meanings.


Where did Birthstones originate from?

The origins of Birthstones has always been hazy. There have been numerous stories throughout history however the most accepted one has been about the breastplate of Aaron, an ancient Jewish High Priest. In the story, Moses had ordered a special article of clothing to be made for Aaron, the High Priest of the Hebrews. The crafted breastplate was to contain twelve unique gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of Israel.


What does each Birthstone resemble?

January is Garnet and signifies "Protection"
February is Amethyst and signifies "Wisdom"
March is Aquamarine and signifies "Serenity"
April is Zircon and signifies "Strength"
May is Emerald and signifies "Hope"
June is Pearl and signifies "Love"
July is Ruby and signifies "Vitality"
August is Peridot and signifies "Beauty"
September is Sapphire and signifies "Truth"
October is Opal and signifies "Healing"
November is Yellow Topaz and signifies "Joy"
December is Turquoise and signifies "Friendship"